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How it all began

Founded in 2018, Learn, Fun and Play was inspired by former teachers and teaching assistants sharing their experiences with mothers of young children. Parents at local play groups would talk about the huge range of toys available to buy, but very little guidance about how to use them for learning purposes. Creative play before the age of five develops brain skills required throughout life. But creative play requires guidance from adults to be most effective. The best learning you can give your child is to play with them and talk with them about life.


Learning while having fun

Learn, Fun and Play is an online store that specialises in educational children’s toys.
In an era that is technologically advanced your children will understand your iPad better than you do; but creative play is key to a child’s psychological and physiological development. So before they become obsessed with tablets and telephones, they need to play with toys that are designed in a way that children can still have fun and play in a low-tech way.
We are excited by our toys and we hope your little ones will be as well.


Toys that make learning fun

The toys sold by Learn, Fun and Play concentrate on developing the 7 key areas of learning.
To get the best from these products, Learn Fun and Play have created a play fact sheet to help your child learn while they play.
The Early Learning Goals (which are taught in UK schools) cover the 7 key areas of learning. Find out more below:


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