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Discover the fun and excitement of science in your everyday life!

Conduct over 30 interesting and fun experiments to learn some science principles.

Make a clock which is powerd by fruit,create a water fountain inside a bottle ,make a diver move up and down without touching it , construct a hovercraft with a CD ROM , build a mini water cycle model in a glass and more than 30 interesting experiments using everyday objects .

Contents as illustrated.

Includes a 24-page detailed instruction booklet which introduces the science principles behind every experiment . 

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You will need to gather the following household items from home to complete the experiments:A4 size paper ,old cd , books,scissors,glue,adhesive tape,paper clips,banknote,coins,ice,water,fizzy soda drink,vineger,baking soda ,sugar,fruit,food colouring,dish-washing detergent,paper towel,clothh,forks,spoon,long straws,toothpick,cloths pegs,aluminium can,drinking glass,plastic water bottle,empty jars with lid, containers,measuring cup,soil,desk lamp.

Ask for adult permission and assistance in gettin these materials.

Scientific principles behind many everyday things. Basic physics and chemistry.


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